Arizona Law Review is currently accepting submissions for volume 58 numbers 3 and 4, as well as volume 59 number 1. We are a general interest publication and invite submissions of unpublished manuscripts between 15,000 and 35,000 words on all topics. All submissions should conform with the 20th edition of The Bluebook.

Submissions are accepted via Scholastica. We are no longer accepting submissions through ExpressO. Any inquiries about our submission process should be sent to

Editorial Process

Arizona Law Review is known as one of the few student publications that consistently gets its issues to the printer on time, every time.

During the editing process, the entire editorial staff is at your disposal for both substantive review and citation assistance. An Articles Editor and the Senior Articles Editor review each article and provide substantive feedback on grammar, style, formatting, organization, content, and clarity of argument. The Articles Editors are available via e-mail and phone throughout the process to answer any questions and to share general comments about your article.

Each article is also reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief and “copyworked” by the Review staff. Copywork ensures that each citation accurately reflects the stated proposition and conforms to Bluebook citation rules. The Review staff also undertakes a series of internal proofs to prepare each article for publication.

Finally, Arizona Law Review works with authors to cultivate a list of individuals who will receive a complimentary copy of the piece, accompanied by a personal letter from our Editor-in-Chief highlighting the article’s importance. The Review’s marketing team works to identify opportunities to promote each piece, such as blogging, local and national media, and publication on SSRN.