Founded in 1959, the Arizona Law Review is a general-interest academic legal journal. The Review is edited and published quarterly by students of the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law.

The Arizona Law Review has published symposia, major empirical research projects, and articles from a wide variety of scholars. Notable authors recently published or currently scheduled to publish in the Review include Ian Ayres, Erwin Chemerinsky, Harold Demsetz, Dan Dobbs, Richard Epstein, Daniel Farber, Jay Feinman, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Herbert Hovenkamp, Russell Korobkin, Robert Merges, Robert Rabin, Margaret Jane Radin, Judith Resnik, Carol Rose, Frederick Schauer, Richard Stewart, and Kenji Yoshino.

For more about the history of the Review, see Charles E. Ares’s Foreword and Steven B. Duke’s Afterword, both published as part of our 50th Anniversary celebration.