Arizona Law Review is comprised of second- and third-year law students. Joining Arizona Law Review is a two-year commitment. Arizona Law students who are interested in joining Arizona Law Review must compete in the annual write-on competition at the conclusion of the spring semester of their first year. The write-on competition is graded anonymously and typically consists of a Bluebook exam, Redbook exam, and writing prompt taken within a five-day period. Arizona Law Review encourages all first-year students to participate in the write-on competition.

All sections of the write-on are graded anonymously. To ensure fairness, each student’s writing portion is graded by multiple Arizona Law Review members and the scores are averaged.

Arizona Law Review invites up to thirty second-year students or 20% of the law school class, whichever is greater, to join each year. At least 20 students are selected based solely on the write-on competition scores and up to 10 students are selected based on their 1L grades, assuming they put forth a good faith effort in the write-on and do not finish in the bottom 25% of all first-level Write-On scores. Each student must participate in the competition regardless of whether they are selected based on their 1L grades or write-on scores. Only students who rank Arizona Law Review as their first-choice journal will be considered.

Transfer, AJD students, and dual-degree students are also invited to join Arizona Law Review. For more information about the policies and processes for transfer and AJD students to join, please email [email protected].

Arizona Law Review does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, size, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, familial status, gender identity, genetic information, political orientation, or any other classification protected by University of Arizona Policy. Arizona Law Review encourages all students to participate in the write-on and strives to make the write-on experience as accessible as possible. If you anticipate or experience barriers based on disability, please contact Dean Willie Jordan-Curtis at [email protected] to establish reasonable accommodations before the beginning of the write-on period.