Volume 39, Issue 2

Symposium: Rule 23: Class Actions at the Crossroads

Rule 23: Class Actions at the Crossroads

Earlier versions of the following Articles and Comments were presented at a conference sponsored by The University of Arizona College of Law, the Law College Association and the Institute for…
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Today the class action stands at a crossroads that has eventuated from numerous causes, including the skill of both plaintiffs' and defendants' attorneys in expanding the scope of the class…
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Class Actions at the Cloverleaf

The papers on which I am to comment demonstrate that the conveners of this conference fell short of the full truth when they called it "Class Actions at the Crossroads."…
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Federal Rule 23–The Early Years

As Professor Yeazell has shown, present Federal Rule 23 has a surprisingly long lineage, but it remains a work in progress. One of its "roots," the aptly named "Bill of…
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