Volume 48, Issue 2

Symposium: Ninth Circuit Conference

The Contribution of “Extra” Judges

Commentators have often lamented the burgeoning caseload in the U.S. Courts of Appeals and the consequences thereof. Given that additional judgeships are not forthcoming from Congress, the circuits have established…
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Due Process and En Banc Decisionmaking

This Article will explore various facets of the decision to review a case en banc. Specifically, the Article addresses whether the votes of the entire circuit on whether to en…
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Supreme Court Reversals of the Ninth Circuit

The controversy over the Ninth Circuit’s reversal rate illustrates several features of interest in the functioning of appellate courts. This Article explores the arguments behind the possible sources of the…
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Exploring the Myths About the Ninth Circuit

There is a perception held by many politicians, legal commentators, and journalists that the country’s largest court of appeals is a bastion of liberalism run amok. This Essay suggests that…
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